Project Manager, the "conductor"
Managing, anticipating, counselling, co-ordinating, relaying the information… These are but a few of the tasks that Gitana X's Project Manager has to deal with. A multi-function position which comes down to "making sure everything works well", whatever the situation may be.

Olivier Besse : "The Route du Rhum which is coming to an end just proved us, despite the early suppositions and anticipations, how hard it is to manage an ambitious sports program, especially in the field of mechanical sports when prototypes are involved. Even if we are obviously disappointed by the breakage that happened on Gitana X, in adversity we have to point out that some teams have been struck more badly than we have. On the other hand, it's obvious we have to congratulate the three finalists who, along with their teams, have managed to bring their boats all the way to Pointe à Pitre ; this without forgetting the contenders in the other categories, who are also achieving a fine race. In all major races, there are two goals to reach: first of all to be at the start, and then to finish. All those who achieve these objectives deserve consideration and respect".
A statement which has a particular meaning, coming from the man who has participated in the creation and the management of the Gitana Team from the start, bringing together the Design Team, the technical and sailing teams, the internal and external communications staff etc. "What motivates me most is to unite men and women around the project. Today we have a professional, efficient team".

About the Route du Rhum

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