Pacific straight ahead!
The third week of racing in the Arkea Ultim Challenge - Brest got off to a flying start for Charles Caudrelier. Not just another Sunday at sea, things have been very active to say the least: a switch from one ocean to the next, another solo record ticked off and the negotiation of a new depression… You’ve got it, there is no time for slacking on the deck of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild, which is navigating the waters between Tasmania and New Zealand this afternoon. Despite what he labels as less efficient and more conservative days, the sailor of Gitana Team is continuing to flawlessly transition between one weather system and the next whilst stretching further away from his pursuers. He is more than 2,000 miles ahead of Thomas Coville and 2,700 in front of Armel Le Cléac’h, who have had to contend with a much less cooperative and rather energetic Indian Ocean in terms of the weather.
Video of the day :
Charles Caudrelier, 28 January

“The Indian is done! Now I’m in the Pacific with a little record for the Indian along the way. We’re only 3hrs faster, which isn’t massive, but it’s still a pleasure. We’re now targeting Cape Horn with fairly good weather for the first part, over the first few days. The next stage is still a bit far off to predict. This morning, I have a little bit of sunshine, which had been a while coming. Over the past 2-3 days, I have been to the north of a big depression. We weren’t very quick over this section. We could definitely have done better. It’s quite special though. We have a big lead and the objective is to preserve the boat. As such, we may well accelerate after Cape Horn… There’s still a very long way to go. We set sail 20 days ago and we’ve completed half the course and some. It’s a satisfying analysis with a new reference time in the South Atlantic and the single-handed record for the passage across the Indian Ocean. It’s important to stay focused though and take care of the boat and the skipper. The wind and sea are set to pick up over the coming hours.” 

Solo Indian record awaiting approval

Last night, shortly after midnight (UTC), Charles Caudrelier and the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild crossed the longitude of South East Cape, the southernmost tip of Tasmania (Australia) after 20 days 11 hours 33 minutes and 10 seconds of racing. Above all, this passage marked the end of the Indian Ocean and the start of the Pacific Ocean and gave rise to a new record for a solo sprint across the Indian Ocean, subject to the approval of the WSSRC (World Sailing Speed Record Council).

The leader of the Arkea Ultim Challenge - Brest covered 6,113 miles between Cape Agulhas (South Africa) and South East Cape in 8 days 8 hours 20 minutes and 36 seconds, at an average speed of 30.7 knots. He improved on the solo record time held by Thomas Coville since 2016 by 3 hours 57 minutes.

Ranking at the 15:00 UTC position report 

1/ Maxi Edmond de Rothschild - Charles Caudrelier   
2/ Sodebo Ultim 3 - Thomas Coville – 2,046 miles behind the leader   
3/ Maxi Banque Populaire XI - Armel Le Cleac’h – 2,751 miles behind the leader   
4/ Actual Ultim 3 - Anthony Marchand – 5,504.5 miles behind the leader   

On a pit stop in Cape Town 
5/ SVR Lazartigue - Tom Laperche
6/ Ultim Adagio - Eric Peron

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