Wind upsets the Corsican Grand Prix programme
Strong winds which had been forecast for southern Corsica and had led the Race Committee to split the Tour de Corse originally scheduled for tomorrow into two separate coastal races for Thursday and Friday. Whilst the wind made it possible for the first course to be run in good conditions, today's course has had to be cancelled as the Tramontane is blowing to hard.
Summary of the round – Thursday 23rd September

In the 80 mile per hour winds off Bonifacio yesterday lunchtime, the Race Committee blew fired the starting shot at 12h04 in light air for the 55 mile race to the north of the island of Corsica. A run downwind as far as the Mortella mark moored in the Gulf of Saint Florent, and a beat head to wind on the return leg.  A coastal course raced in highly variable conditions, continually chopping and changing in true Mediterranean style. After having got of to a good start, Gitana 11 rounded the first mark (Revellate) in 3rd position. 20 miles further down the line, after a long run downwind under gennaker towards the Gulf de Saint Florent, Gitana 11 rounded the Mortella mark in 2nd place, 3 mins behind Groupama, slightly ahead of the res of the fleet.  As the wind dropped slightly, the upwind stretch towards Calvi in a strong swell, gave rise to a few changes in the rankings of the 10 multihulls taking part. Gitana 11 had her ocean-racing mainsail, designed for stronger wind and so lost a bit of ground as a result.  So Groupama won the first round with Sodébo and Tacchini hot on her heels. Gitana 11 took 5th just behind Foncia.
Today the Race Committee spent all morning waiting before deciding to call off the racing at 12h15. A 50 knot wind has been blowing since the start of the morning off nearby Ile Rousse.

Result of the first round – Start : 12h 04 – Finish 1st boat : 18h 06

1 – Groupama – 1 point
2 -  Sodébo – 2 points
3 – Sergio Tacchini – 3 points
4 – Foncia – 4 points
5 – Gitana 11 – 5 points
6 – Tim Progetto Italia – 6 points
7 -  Géant – 7 points
8 – Banque Covefi – 8 points
9 – Banque Populaire – 9 points
10 – Sopra Group – 10 points


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