Avoiding the Azores anticyclone
At 10:00 this morning, Loïck Peyron and Gitana Eighty were still in 1st position travelling at 14.9 knots and over 50 miles ahead of their closest pursuers Kito de Pavant and Michel Desjoyeaux. Despite the problems encountered in recent days that have led to numerous competitors suffering damage and to the abandonment of Mike Golding aboard Ecover, there are still 13 participants remaining and Loïck Peyron is pretty happy with his position on this Monday morning which sees more wind than anticipated.

Loïck Peyron summed up the situation over the radio this morning: I'm two miles away from Santa Maria in Gran Canaria. The weather's lovely and the island looks stunning. I feel in excellent form and as far as my rivals behind me are concerned, I know I'm in the best possible position. The boat hasn't suffered too much from last week's really tough conditions. I've some slight weather vane problems that are forcing me to gybe a lot, but apart from that everything's perfect. At the moment, I'm going through a little wind corridor where there's more wind than expected. For the time being, the idea is to round the Azores anticyclone, which is extending to the right, via the west-north-west. It's going to take plenty of manoeuvring not to get too close to it. For the days to come, the weather looks quite promising and Gitana Eighty will be sailing gennaker up. The end of the race will take place close hauled. I'm keeping a very close eye on my two nearest pursuers, but for the moment, things seem to be working out very nicely.”

10:00 am ranking:

Rank Boat Name Latitude Longitude Speedmg Speed Cap Date - Time Finish line Dist. Dist. 1st
1 Gitana Eighty 36 42.12' N 25 19.28' W 14.9 14.9 45 10/12/2007 10:00am 1154.30 0.00
2 Groupe Bel 35 31.68' N 26 01.84' W 10.4 11.1 26 10/12/2007 08:00am 1206.60 52.30
3 Foncia 35 51.40' N 26 00.44' W 13.3 13.7 33 10/12/2007 10:00am 1213.00 58.80
4 Safran 35 26.32' N 26 17.40' W 12.8 12.9 50 10/12/2007 10:00am 1240.30 86.00
5 Generali 35 18.88' N 27 05.72' W 8.1 9.8 13 10/12/2007 08:00am 1257.70 103.40


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