Thierry Duprey du Vorsent benefits from favourable winds at the start
They are underway in the first big event of the 2007 sailing season, the BPE Trophy, the only solo transat in which all the competitors use identical boats. For Thierry Duprey du Vorsent, the passage through the tide gates took place at 09:45 this morning, on his boat bearing the colours of the Domaine du Mont d'Arbois. Thierry took the opportunity to offer a final word of thanks to his onshore preparation assistant, Hugo de Pavant.
While getting under sail, Thierry took time out to emphasise the following points:

”It's true that I've gone from the Route du Rhum in a multihull to this transat in a Figaro, but while some might say I'm doing things in reverse, I believe you have to know how to sail on all types of boat to be a good sailor. It's a real challenge for me because the standard's very high in this race in particular and in the Figaro class in general.”

”I was a bit tired last night but I had a good long sleep to prepare me for the start this morning. The weather conditions are quite good for the start, which is scheduled for 1 o'clock today (Sunday). The initial north or south options should become clear within the first 72 hours.”

The 27 competitors then set off amid somewhat choppy seas, with four markers to go around off the coast of Belle Ile. After a decent start, a thoroughly focused Thierry Duprey du Vorsent passed the first of the four markers in 16th position. On passing marker no. 2, Laurent Pellecuer on Aromathérapie, Nicolas Troussel on Financo, Charles Caudrelier on Bostik, Eric Drouglazet on Luisina Design and Gildas Morvan on Cercle Vert were out in front. The fleet then headed off towards the Gulf of Gascony to start an Atlantic crossing ahead of the wind.

Over the next three days, the skippers will have to opt for a northerly route, more direct but with more changes of tack, or for a southerly route with leading winds.

On the margins of the race, Belle Ile en Mer and Marie Galante have come up with a fine initiative. Each sailor has set off carrying a black drum containing various items provided by the inhabitants of Belle Ile for those of Marie-Galante. Thierry Duprey du Vorsent: “the Curate of Belle Ile has entrusted me with some objects to give to the Curate of Marie-Galante!”

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