Express pitstop in Camaret for Gitana 11
Gitana Team's shore team was on call at lunchtime today, Monday in Camaret ready to hop on board Gitana 11 and to repair the defective mainsheet as soon as possible. Unexplained wear and tear which the team has decided to make up for by simply replacing it with a new one on the hydraulic system but also doubling up with a direct sheet system on the winch as for the Grand Prix configuration.

Frédéric Le Peutrec & Yann Guichard seized the occasion to have a real hot meal and were able to get underway again only a dozen or so miles behind the leaders after their 56 minute stopover. The leaders of the Transat Jacques Vabre are already facing up to a rather strong SW 20 knot wind which is gaining in strength. They will not be penalised by their brief pitstop in Camaret. Gitana 11 will still be among the first boats to be positioned well west to latch onto the wind shift as the cold front passes over tonight.

Yann Marilley (Team Manager):

"A big thank you to the shore team for their efficiency and solidarity ! The shore teams of Gitana X and Gitana 11 were present to make sure the repairs were carried out as quickly as possible. Thanks also to Géant's shore team who were also there ready to lend a hand !"

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