Albums Arkea Ultim Challenge - Brest

27 February 2024
Finish line Arkea Ultim Challenge
21 February 2024
Shelter in the Azores
08 February 2024
Pictures of aboard during the Arkea Ultim Challennge
07 January 2024
D Day : the start of the Arkea Ultim Challenge
07 January 2024
D Day : just before the start
06 January 2024
Arkea Ultim Challenge, Start Village in Brest
06 January 2024
Brest : last sail before departure
Wednesday 21 of February, after 44 days at sea, with the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild just 1,200 miles from the finish, it is a case of history repeating. A low-pressure system currently lying to the south of Iceland, is filling in over the coming hours as it shifts across to the east, making the Bay of Biscay impracticable over the next 72 hours. Seeking shelter, the skipper of Gitana Team has opted to make a pit stop in the Azores, to leeward of the island of Faial, in Horta, as permitted by the Arkea Ultim Challenge rules.|/_cache/e2233d20f82b4fcd94ed461d34d32825_W803.jpg|/_cache/e2233d20f82b4fcd94ed461d34d32825_W161.jpg¤L|/_cache/9de882bb684547bd9f34caf859d5bc2c_W161.jpg¤L|/_cache/99831b0ee1594adca93efe7fe6efae8f_W161.jpg¤L|/_cache/72fb4443c6284b248fbee27cb34ab377_W161.jpg¤L|/_cache/70c8826d014a4c7dbdb5c6c9230052bd_W160.jpg¤L|/_cache/wrong_W160.jpg¤L|/_cache/7e004081554d4bd2a96a52b4aef6ee64_W160.jpg¤L|/_cache/bd1561ba29af46fb9d4cb265eaa73295_W160.jpg¤L|/_cache/9ba232c5b57c41e889559a0f0dbd22d4_W160.jpg¤L|/_cache/ffe567514eb34c2abc6a076eeb502f05_W160.jpg¤L|/_cache/6f935b5b0b8d4ecdacd547d9981eb016_W160.jpg¤L|/_cache/cecc95572a2341dcadf84dfcd34911c0_W160.jpg¤L
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