Gitana VI

An aluminium sloop designed by Olin Stephens, Gitana VI was built by the Royal Huisman shipyard in Holland in 1975. Commissioned by Baron Edmond de Rothschild, this monohull marked a whole generation of sailors and it still ranks among the family’s favourites.


Sail number

Given name
Category 65-foot monohull Loa 19,81 m
Year of launch 1975

Launched as a successor to Gitana V, which was somewhat lacking in her upwind capabilities, Gitana VI had to perform well on every point of sail and notably when sailing close to the wind. A highly innovative design, this monohull equipped with a teak-decked aluminium hull, boasting a whole array of winches and coffee grinders, made her an elegant racing machine. This was testified by her marine blue hull, her rubbing strake and waterline outlined in yellow and the bow punctuated by five arrows. Constantly alternating between racing and cruising, at the end of her first year’s sailing, Gitana VI had already covered tens of thousands of miles. Over a ten-year period, the rhythm of the excursions never let up.