Built in 1999 according to designs by naval architect Gilles Ollier and launched in October 2000, this 32.8-metre long maxi-catamaran belongs to the G Class family, an ‘ancestor’ to the Ultime class.


Sail number

Given name
Category Maxi-Catamaran Loa 32.8 m
Upwind sail area 480 m² Downwind sail area 680 m²
Year of launch 2006

This maxi-catamaran boasts a prestigious list of wins. Launched in 2000 with the name Innovation Explorer, the multihull would initially be skippered by Loïck Peyron during the circumnavigation of the planet, The Race. She secured 2nd place in the “No Limits” Round the World race. In 2002, it was Peyron once again – but Bruno this time – who would lead this boat around the globe during a victorious Jules Verne Trophy attempt (64 days 8 hours, 37 minutes, or nearly a week faster than the previous record). The following year, it was the brilliant British sailor, Ellen MacArthur, who would attack this legendary time. However the boat, rechristened Kingfisher 2, suffered a dismasting in the Indian Ocean.

Purchased by Baron Benjamin de Rothschild in 2006, the boat was rechristened Gitana 13 and underwent a serious rejuvenation programme. Besides various fittings designed to modernise her, her sail plan was scaled up with a new mast, the height of which stretched some 41m. In 2008, the maxi-catamaran launched onto a major oceanic record campaign with some legendary and historic shipping routes on the programme, sadly neglected by the modern day record hunters. Over a nine-month period, sailing from New York to London, via the waters of the Pacific and the Asian coast, the men of Gitana Team criss-crossed the globe’s oceans and covered nearly 40,000 miles. With seven attempts and as many records secured, Gitana 13’s campaign was a veritable success!

Track record

  • 2008
  • Route de l'Or (New York – San Francisco, via Cape Horn) 43 days 3 minutes 18 seconds (February 2008)
  • North Pacific crossing (San Francisco – Yokohama) 11 days 12 minutes 55 seconds (April 2008)
  • Tea Route (Hong Kong – London) 41 days 21 hours 26 minutes 34 seconds (September 2008)
  • Yokohama – Dalian 3 days 20 hours 19 minutes and 11 seconds
  • Dalian – Qingdao 23 hours 50 minutes and 20 seconds
  • Qingdao – Taiwan 3 days 52 minutes and 15 seconds
  • Taipei – Hong Kong 1 day 58 minutes 27 seconds